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Hi, Kyleigh here. Team Crafted are my babes. One Direction are amazing. T-Swizzle is my idol. Youtubers > You. TFiOS - June 6th :D
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this is amazing!!! i got goosebumps

ugh look at their faces

look at them all connecting with the song

I love that. I really love that

tears, so much happy tearsss

I’d have sex with almost all of them

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that selfie looked better on my phone: the novel

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These are in my yearbook, someone get them to shai


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Anonymous asked: I haven't read the book. What is with the sudden hate? I thought Tumblr generally loved it. Also, may you please explain to me how the cigarette is important? I don't understand what is going on.



There was a clip released, and it was the first time we saw Augustus with his cigarettes. 

The importance of the cigarettes is sort of difficult to explain without spoiling the book, but I’m assuming that if you saw my post, the book has already been spoiled? 

Basically, Augustus uses cigarettes as a metaphor. He “puts the killing thing between his teeth” but he never lights it. It has the power to kill him, but he does allow it to. It’s his way of having complete control of something. 

Throughout the book, he will pull out a cigarette and put it in his mouth, and he typically does this during times of stress for him. It’s a sign of him trying to regain control when his sense of control is slipping away. And eventually his cigarettes get taken away from him, and he tries to get more, but he can’t because he’s too sick. It’s pretty much a sign that he no longer has control of anything. 


When u feel really hot but look terrible in all your selfies


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Wait do American people not call their friends mate?? Is this a thing???

Yup. I’m sure some do but mostly people just say friend. Which is boring but whatever.

Wait so you go up to your friends and be like “Hello friend.”

we use names

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all of these people talking crap about TFiOS and augustus and completely misunderstanding the book and his character

Shailene Woodley at ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ press conference

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